Ken Wilber Discussion Groups

KenWilber discussion group at Yahoo!Groups -
This is the old ken-wilber-l listserv (the oldest internet discussion group devoted to the work of Ken Wilber), which migrated to eGroups (now Yahoo !Groups) in June/July 2000.

This is a very active bunch, with 200+ messages a month. The group is open and unmoderated, and Yahoo!Groups gives you options for individual emails, daily digests or reading/posting online. You'll also find various articles posted in the "files" section of this group.

Topics for discussion: anything related to Ken Wilber's work, including periodic forays into semi-structured exchanges about specific books.

One Taste discussion group -
This is a fairly new group, self-described as "a discussion forum for exploration of ideas and practices that support the working theory of evolution of human consciousness and acknowledges conscious awareness as a culminating endowment of enlightenment. " Consider it a place to talk about practical applications and challenges of living "One Taste" and drawing from a variety of sources in addition to Wilber.

Wilber Forum -
part of Frank Visser's excellent "World of Ken Wilber" website, these message boards are moderated.

Shambhala's Ken Wilber Discussion Forum -
busy, unmoderated message boards devoted to Ken Wilber and his work

The Wilber Seminar -
Active unmoderated message board discussions

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