Graphics and words that work for you

If you own a small or home-based business, or run a nonprofit organization, your success depends on words:

Words that grab attention
Words that connect
Words that get action
I specialize in words that work for you, combined with appropriate graphics and design to help get your message across -- on the Web and in print. When you need a simple flyer, a basic Website, a shoestring campaign, or an extended informational project, I can help.
Some of my recent Web design projects:

Harmony Hill Retreat Center
Metaverse Week in Review - a blog-based site
Tara Incognita - another blog-based site

Writing & design solutions for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, & trade associations

There aren't enough hours in your day to "do it all" AND do it well -- especially when it comes to keeping up with all the diverse communication needs of a small business or organization. By outsourcing your writing and design projects, my services can free you up for all those other pressing demands.

Whether your target audience is geographic, demographic or interest-based, my experience in small organizations will help you reach them effectively, affordably and on time.
My approach
I don't believe in gimmicks, hype or hard sell. I DO believe small organizations can thrive where big corporations fail!
I focus on small-budget marketing, and content-rich websites that work for all platforms, slow modems and smaller monitors. I don't do big media campaigns or complicated websites with all the latest bells & whistles - but I do use tools that can help your Web site get noticed and get traffic.
I work best with organizations that...
are committed to making a positive difference in people's lives
Tips for effective websites
make it a priority to treat customers and employees with honesty and respect
keep sight of long-term contributions and not just the bottom line
pursue environmentally sustainable ways of doing business
If this describes how you see things, contact me now to find out how I can help with your next communication project!
How I work with you
While I'm physically located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, for the past twelve years I've done the majority of my work via phone, e-mail, online chat and fax. I'm also available for on-site meetings and consultations in western Washington, and provide in-person small business support for the Shelton-Mason County-Hood Canal area.
My services include:
web site design, content creation and web graphics
business communication, including writing, editing, design and communication strategies for brochures, posters, flyers, logos, business cards, news releases, ads and collateral, newsletters and reports
web visibility strategies, including search engine optimizing and social media use
web writing and editing, including articles and newsletters
book manuscript editing, including illustration graphics design and preparation
web community-building, including emerging virtual worlds (particularly Second Life)
project planning, advice and consulting
Need more information or have questions? e-mail me at, describing your project. Include a phone number if you'd like me to follow up by phone.
Work samples and experience

Web design
Clients and career highlights

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