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Writing sample - marketing

Title: We'll give you a free ride
by Leslie Ehle

This tri-fold mail-out flyer promoted a new annual bus pass option for Boeing employees
Flyer copy:

Outside headline:
We'll give you a free ride! (details inside)

Bus to Boeing (logo)

Inside headline:
Switch to a Metro annual pass and we'll give you a month of free rides!

All Boeing employees will soon be able to save even more with a Metro pass. Beginning in January, Boeing will offer Metro annual passes in addition to the monthly passes already available through payroll deduction.

With an annual pass, you pay less each month for your pass. That savings adds up to a month of free rides each year, when you compare the cost of one annual pass with 12 monthly passes. In addition, your annual pass is registered to you and can be replaced (for a fee) if you lose it.

When you switch to an annual pass, you'll continue to have monthly payroll deductions for your pass, just like you do now. Like a monthly pass, there's no "up-front" cost and you can cancel at any time. Plus, you can use a Metro annual pass toward vanpool fare. The value of your annual pass is divided by 12 months to determine your monthly vanpool fare credit.

Interested? Fill out the form below and return it TODAY to the Boeing Communter Office. You'll receive the forms to revise your payroll deduction later in the year.

Metro fares are going up in February, 1993. With a Metro annual pass, plus Boeing's $15 monthly subsidy, you'll get the best savings possible on your bus fare next year.

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