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Title: Religions & Spiritualities "who we are" page
by Leslie Ehle

appeared at the Talk City Religions & Spiritualities Forum website as the "about us" page - no longer available online

We focus on
spirited conversations
Launched in 1994, the Religions & Spiritualities Forum is a new form of community unlimited by physical location or time zone.

We focus on spirited conversations - where we come together to talk about what it is we believe, or are, or should be, or might become. Here, we share our stories - the awakenings, the disasters, the unexpected illuminations. the uncertainties, the pleasures, the losses, the discoveries and the faith revealed in the everyday events of our lives.

We giggle at silly jokes and groan at bad puns. We tease and encourage. We argue and make up. We talk, we puzzle, we question and wonder. We connect - in ways that delight and surprise, enliven and enrich us.

Some of us have spent large amounts of time and money on a search for religious or spiritual truth; some have needed only the information contained in their own hearts; some have concluded the search is fruitless and a waste of time. All are welcome here.

discovered ...
bridges of understanding work better than barriers of distrust
we learn more when we share than when we preach
a little light from another's path just might illuminate a dark spot in our own
we contribute to peace when we give others simple respect and space to be themselves
everyone has some of the answers, but no one has them all
a :-) can make someone else's day just a little brighter
it never hurts to listen
we don't have to agree about everything to be friends
what we learn from participating in this virtual community can enrich our real-world communities in more ways than we imagine
We invite you
to join us ...
to share your spiritual journey - and the journeys of others
to delight in new friends and "kindred spirits"
to ponder "big" questions, like:
- what gives our lives meaning?
- why are we here? where are we going?
- how do we live a spiritual life?
- how might we know of God, of transcendence, of the divine?
to find comfort - and give help
to offer insight - and gain in wisdom
to laugh - and cry - and celebrate
to talk - and to listen
to extend our common ground
to grow in care and compassion for all members of the human family and the whole of life
Explore our community! You'll find chats and discussion boards for all the major religious traditions, as well as for interfaith, non-denominational and personal spiritualities. Our library includes a growing collection of transcripts from online chats with spirituality authors and teachers, as well as other resources to stimulate discussion and exchange.
© 1999 Leslie Ehle
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