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Clients & career highlights

Harmony Hill Retreat Center
Liveworld Productions (Talk City, Inc.)
Apple Computer
Metro Transit (Seattle)
University of Washington
Seattle Vocational Institute
Washington State Psychological Association
Washington Society of Association Executives
Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Career Highlights
Wrote, designed and edited articles, newsletters, marketing materials and reports for over 20 years, including 13 years in Web content and Web site design

Managed online special interest community with over 5,000 participants weekly and 150+ remote staff; organized and hosted realtime online discussions, interviews and webcasts

Managed 500-member state professional association

Led multi-agency communication strategies teams for transit-related products and services, resulting in national award-winning programs to reduce drive-alone commuting

Designed audio-visual presentations and workshops for local and national audiences

Developed strategy to expand professional workshops, resulting in a 300% increase in workshop revenue

Conducted research to identify target market characteristics and assess communications effectiveness

Provided online and in-person training and technical support for Mac users

All aspects of print production and distribution, including pre-press, timelines, budgets and vendor selection

Web 2.0 social networking, including blogging, videocasting, and Second Life virtual world building tools

Over 25 years personal computer experience, including 20 years Macintosh and Windows experience, and fifteen years Internet and Web

Software expertise in Photoshop, MS Office, Adobe InDesign, Adobe GoLive, Pagemaker, Freehand, Adobe Acrobat, HTML, MIDI sequencing and music notation, Web browsers, various utilities, Mac OS and Windows (XP and Vista)

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