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Website Design
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Recent projects:

Tara Incognita - my blog related to the Second Life virtual world.

Harmony Hill Retreat Center - I was Webmaster for this very active site from 2002 until March, 2008.

Bodhi Sim - this simple site, using a combination of blog and discussion board, supports Bodhi - Land of Buddhadharma in Second Life.

TreasureSaurus - this was a storefront site, and included my first foray into shopping carts.

Spirit Forum - a nonprofit community that spun off the Religions & Spiritualities Forum for a couple of years.

Religions & Spiritualities Forum at Talk City - for nearly five years I developed, designed and maintained this website, which supported over 600 hours of spirituality-related chats a week at Talk City.

The site went through three major re-designs, and included 400+ pages, input forms for mailing lists and a variety of staff reporting functions, and launchers for Talk City's java-based chat. Substantial WebTV traffic was a major design consideration for this site.

Corporate reorganization and changes in program structure eliminated the forum.

John Wiley Spiers - I designed two separate, small websites:
  • a site promoting and supporting John's international trade workshops;
  • a dual site for a project to link online continuing education instructors with schools seeking instructors.

Ratna Shri Center at Berkeley - I designed the original site for this Tibetan Buddhist center in California, and handled site maintenance for three years.

Khandro.com includes several independent but related areas:

Bodhisattva Online Bookstore - emphasizing books about Buddhism, transpersonal studies, self-help and western wisdom traditions

Ken Wilber, an overview - an information site about this major philosopher and transpersonal theorist

Paths with Heart - exploring spirituality as part of everyday life - this is a no-longer-active part of my Web site, but still viewable.

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